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Skin care set.  Skin care regimen.  Looking for a complete skin care regimen?  Try the STAR Complete Set.  Set includes Day and Night formulas for daily cleansing regimen.  These products help reduce the signs of aging, reduce break-outs, and promote the appearance of clearer, firmer, even toned skin.  

This set includes: 1 Cucumber Daily  Cleanser, 1 Eye Corrector Serum, 1 Vitamin C CC Serum, 1 Wrinkle Recovery Serum, 1 Hydrating Face Moisturizer, 1 Detox Nightwear Cream

Morning Application                                      Evening Application

~Cucumber Daily Cleanser                         ~Cucumber Daily Cleanser

~Eye Corrector Serum                                ~Eye Corrector Serum

~Vitamin C CC Serum                                 ~Wrinkle Recovery Serum

~Hydrating Face Moisturizer                     ~Detox Nightwear Cream